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Our macarons are made professional skill and care. Compared to other desserts, the success rate of a perfect macaroon is very low. The season, temperature, and weather greatly affect the outcome of the macarons. Everything from the eggshell crust, to the toppings, and to the filling, it is all handmade with extreme care and detail. Because of these factors, this is why our macaron is the King of desserts. In the process of all the failures we have overcame, the end result was the MEGARON. While keeping the basics of modern macarons, we are introducing a new style and flavor of the dessert. Our promise is to introduce you to our art by seducing you with our colorful, bright, and tasty treats. The megaron is also not a small dessert; it is a filling wonder that will leave you satisfied and wanting more of our variety of flavors Whats great about the megaron is its meant for all ages.
We thrive to symbolize our sweet treat as a food of life and culture.

To the hardworking you, 
To your supporting friend and relatives,
To your significant other, 
Please accept this gift of happiness.